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Decoding the roles of non-coding RNAs in shaping nuclear structure and gene expression.

At Guttman Lab, we aim to understand how noncoding RNAs shape dynamic nuclear structure to regulate gene expression. We develop cutting-edge technologies based in biochemistry, cell biology, genomics and computational biology to address these questions.

Our Lab

We seek to understand fundamental principles of biological regulation within the nucleus. Our team of scientists from diverse backgrounds allows us to approach these questions from a holistic perspective with an integrated strategy. We do not make a clear distinction between experimental and computational projects; our projects are goal-centered and use all tools critical for success. When necessary, we develop new tools to answer questions that were previously inaccessible and apply these tools to decipher new paradigms and improve our understanding of essential biological functions.

In The News

The Vast Little Library Inside of Your Cells

The Vast Little Library Inside of Your Cells

Featured this week in Caltech News: Using the latest innovation developed at Guttman Lab, RNA-DNA SPRITE, our team discovered that non-coding RNA create “compartments” within the nucleus and shepherd key molecules to precise regions in the genome. Read this review now at Caltech News

Prashant awarded de Karman Fellowship

Prashant awarded de Karman Fellowship

Reserved for graduate students going into their final year of doctoral work, the fellowship was created to recognize and support outstanding scholastic achievement. Read about Prashant’s work and the award at Caltech News


Guttman Lab Retreat 2021

Guttman lab celebrates a happy return to our favorite tradition, the annual lab retreat. This year’s event was held December 10-12 in the mountain town of Lake Arrowhead, California. Lab members presented their work, discussed next year’s goals and opportunities, and drew out a roadmap for another year of research. But that’s not all, we took plenty of time to relax, hike, and make s’mores in this idyllic mountain setting.

Welcome Noah Epstein!

Welcome Noah Epstein! Noah joins our lab as a graduate student and is interested in studying nuclear compartmentalization.

Welcome Olivia Ettlin!

Welcome Olivia Ettlin! We’re thrilled to have Olivia join us as Guttman Lab’s newest Technician-Assistant.

Abhik Banerjee graduates

Congratulations to our newest graduate Abhik Banerjee! We will miss you and we look forward to seeing what exciting things await you!


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