Andrew Perez defends his thesis

Andrew defends his PhD thesis, “ChIP-DIP: A multiplexed method for mapping proteins to DNA uncovers combinatorics controlling gene expression.” Congrats, Andrew!

Jimmy Guo defends his thesis

Jimmy defends his PhD thesis, “Defining the universe of functional RNA-protein interactions” in which he describes his work on CLAP and SPIDR. He’ll be returning to USC in June to also gain his MD.

Mackenzie Strehle defends her thesis

Mackenzie defends her PhD Thesis “How the Xist lncRNA silences the X, the whole X, and nothing but the X” and starts a position at Evercore Partners in New York City!

Guttman lab hosts students to learn SPRITE

Guttman lab hosts students to learn SPRITE from friends of the lab – K.V. Prasanth’s lab at the University of Illinois – Urbana Champaign and Jennifer Phillips-Cremmins lab at UPenn.

Farewell to Our Outstanding Summer Students! 

Farewell to Our Outstanding Summer Students! August 2023 was a bittersweet moment as we bid farewell to our talented summer students, Jessica Mann (Amgen Scholars, MIT ’24) and Tanvi Ganapathy (SURF, Caltech ’26).